To Partner with strategic business entities in the juristic form of an Underwriting Manager (UMA) or Non-Mandated Intermediary (NMI). saXum aims to partner with these types of entities providing the following:

  • For the business entity to operate independently as they have the requisite expertise to underwrite, administer and settle claims.
  • Supporting and understanding business processes within the business entity.
  • saXum has a very broad treaty enabling various classes of insurance to be underwritten.
  • Assistance in seeking additional capacity for risks which fall outside the saXum treaty limits.
  • Provide assistance in underwriting risks which may be of a complex nature.
  • Provide a basis for profit sharing in the book of business with UMA’s.
  • Provide assistance with rating and the analyses of data utilising an in house actuary.
  • Setup of collection facilities with the requisite bank accounts for premium collection and claims.
  • Assistance with legal matters encompassing contracts, complaints and repudiations.
  • Assist with legal and compliance issues which may arise and to provide updates around impending legislation changes which would directly impact the business entity.
  • To form a good relationship with the business to ensure that informal channels of communication are as effective as formal lines of communication.

Partners Section

  • Assurant Group (Pty) Ltd – Previously known as Allegiance Group (Pty) Ltd
  • Anderson Underwriting Managers CC
  • Africa Risk Solutions South Africa (Pty) Ltd